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A story of initiative and imagination in critically tackling one’s own situation will be one of the many inspiring stories celebrated at this week’s Self-Management Awards, to be held at the Scottish Parliament.

Grace Warnock wasn’t yet ten years old when she wrote to her MSP and instigated a campaign to introduce new toilet accessibility signs as she has Crohn’s disease and regularly has to use accessible toilets.

As Grace has an invisible illness she felt uncomfortable when using accessible toilets and has been campaigning for these signs, which she helped design herself, to be introduced all over Scotland. The signs include a symbol of a person in a wheelchair alongside a standing person with a heart to symbolise invisible disabilities.

As well as in the ALLIANCE offices and within the Scottish Parliament some of the Deep End GP Practices participating in the Links Worker Programme have already introduced the signs and Grace will continue to raise awareness of the signs.

Here are some staff from links practices below showing off their newly installed signs…

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